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Now Hiring Staff

Want to be part of the community staff team? Administration is now officially accepting applications! More information concerning position availability can be found here (click me).

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DyE Now Available

The wait is finally over, DyE is now once again available! The platform will from now on be updated regularly (when necessary), as PyE is.  Veritas has confirmed this, after stating that after the...

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Guard Developers

As of now, Guard is ready to be used both publicly and commercially! The Web API & public SDK have been developed and released entirely be Veritas, more information regarding them can be found...

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What’s New?

So what exactly is all the hype about?  The question you should be asking is, what isn’t the hype about? As explained by Veritas here (click me), the whole concept and structure behind the...

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Connect Social Network

What it is, Connect is a self dependent social network hosted and managed by myself. It’s experimental, and not meant to be a permanent mask over more popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or...

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Master Package Fire Sale

Love carats, exp, and the ability to make your opponent rage-quit? The subscription master package is currently on SALE, grab all current and future subscriptions permanently now for 79.99$. The master package is regularly...

Preparing For PyE Day 0

Preparing For PyE Day

Attention NEET Members, PyE Day is tomorrow! It will begin at 12pm & end at 12am (EST GMT -4), during which time users will have access to the bot just as any other subscriber....

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DyE Update 1.2.3

DyE has finally been fixed & stabilized! The bot was completely rewritten with the modules and initialization system. All DyE subscribers will be given extensions on their terms because of the platform’s down-time. The...

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Social Group System

Want your own space? You can have it now, with your own ‘social group’. In my opinion this is one of NEET.Group’s most amazing features thus far. Here’s an explanation by Laveer, The Social...

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Facebook & Twitter Connect

Forum registration and login is now available via Facebook & Twitter connect! The system is very simple and user friendly, and will stream updates to your feed. We hope to have the Google API...